There is this equation that has changed my attitude towards building things:

1.01365 = 37.8

It's simple: 1.01 means improving something by 1%. 365 means doing this every day for a year. So, in other words, if you improve something by 1% every day, in one year, it will be 37.8 times better.

Of course, working on something every single day of the year is hard. But even working only on weekdays:

1.01250 = 12

Makes the thing 12 times better within a year.

So I'm not shooting for the stars to get to the moon; instead, I'm looking to improve the next small thing right in front of me. Of course, sometimes it's hard to identify what needs to be done, but it could be anything. For software, it could be another test, another piece of documentation, another small feature, or some performance fix.

That's my plan for Qpackt. It will be going slowly, but hopefully steadily. Hence, I'm very keen on receiving feedback. If Qpackt almost suits your needs, let me know. Implementing the missing feature can be easier than you think, and I'm probably not going to do it without anyone asking. Right now, Qpackt does all that I need, but it has the potential to be much more.

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