Web A/B testing and traffic splitting

Serving multiple versions of the same site can be useful for various reasons:

Uploading versions of your site

No site versions installed

Before doing anything, you need to upload one or more versions. You can upload the same version multiple times. Click "Choose", select the zipped website folder and click "Upload".

Fresh Upload

A/B testing

For A/B testing, select 'Weight' and assign some numbers. If you want traffic to be split equally, then make all numbers the same. If you want 10% traffic to go to one version and 90% traffic go to the other, give them numbers like 1 and 9, or 10 and 90. Don't forget to click 'Update' when done.


Rolling a new version

Getting users off the old version is done by assigning 0 weight to the old version and any higher number to the new one.

Rolling New Version

This way all new users will be directed to the new version and the old version can be deleted after a while.

Split by traffic source

Imagine you're running an ad campaign and also wrote about your site on some forum. You want to see the difference between users' behavior coming from different places.

URL Parameters

Version 2024_02_15__09_24_32 is there to handle traffic without any URL parameters. Other versions will handle traffic from specific sources.